No. 72, Visions of Albion IV (June-July 2014)

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Table of Contents:

01.        Tube Strike

02.        Meanwhile in Sochi

03.        Limericks 1: 1-5

04.        Late Submission

05.        Ancient Britons

06.        Waiting for My Girl

07.        The Forward Prize for Poetry

08.        Broomwalking

09.        Summer Solstice

10.        Chancellor of the Economy

11.        Monk Wood

12.        Walk into this Forest

13.        100-Word Abstract

14.        Penberry

No. 71, Visions of Albion III (June-July 2014)

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Table of Contents:

01.        Health Check

02.        City Lights

03.        Under the Skin

04.        Tight Cunt

05.        Equal Rights

06.        An Open Letter to my Facebook Friends

07.        Submission

08.        Boycott the World Cup!

09.        End of an Era

10.        Hipsterism: An Anti-Manifesto

11.        A Parable

12.        Stalag Glasto MMXIV

13.        The Joke’s On You

14.        The Last Supper

15.        Event Horizon

The demand for equal rights, expressed as an equal level of salary, is only the demand for a bourgeois right – which is the right to profit or loss on the market. One cannot demand the right to be equal in a system of inequality. There is only one measure of equality that can be demanded in the name of human rights: from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. All the rest is liberal bullshit.

No. 70, Godstone (May 2014)

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Table of Contents:

01.       The Dead Badger

02.       The Forest

03.       The Road

04.       The Walk

05.       The Body

06.       The Head

07.       The Burial

08.       The Flesh

09.       The Skull

I      The Invader

II     The Driver

III    The Walker

10.       Portrait of the Poet

I began to think about what this stuff was that I was throwing into a plastic bag like dainty morsels for a cat; what kinetic intelligence it contained and conveyed through its dark and fleshy matter; and how strange it was to be holding the stuff of a once living, moving, conscious being in my hand. What genius did I hold between my thumb and forefinger that could equal anything built by the diggers of London’s sewers, the miners of Blaenavon or the builders of Stonehenge? What secret animal knowledge was I throwing away in these bloody balls of flesh I scooped from cavity, scraped from tendon? What sensory perception of the world, ten – a hundred – times superior to ours, was once contained within this bloody mess I was pulling away from its now broken architecture?

No. 68-69, Greenwich Peninsula (March-April 2014)

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Table of contents


01.          Shelley, Ozymandias (1818)

Mayor of London, Greenwich Peninsula (2013)

SHCA, Peninsula Quays Master Plan (2013)

Barron, Greenwich Peninsula (2013)

Chamberlain, Social Cleansing (2013)

02.          Homer, The Odyssey (800 B.C.)

03.          Mills, Gas Workers Strike in South London (1989)

04.          Ballard, Concrete Island (1973)

05.          Countryside Properties, GMV (2013)

06.          Conrad, The Mirror of the Sea (1906)

07.          Mayor of London, Park Rules


08.          Knight Dragon, Peninsula Square (2013)

Home Office, Dispersal Powers (2013)

09.          Anon. Captain Kid’s Farewell to the Seas (1701)

10.          Elmer, The Nation’s Favourite Poem (2012)

11.          Hanson UK, Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Strategy and Action Plan (2012)

12.          Deptford Discovery Team, East Greenwich Riverfront

Industrial History (1999)

13.          Melville, Moby Dick (1851)

14.          Cage, 4’33” (1952)

15.          Shelley, Peter Bell the Third (1819)

As the urban environment is increasingly privatised, the space of the city has become increasingly prescribed, with the main, if not exclusive, purpose of making and spending money. The majority of city-dwellers live out their lives along a well-inscribed triangle between home, work and the repeatedly revisited sites of consumption, the distinctions between which have become increasingly blurred. But though the function of urban space is largely dictated by its design, the relationship between space and use is not as fixed as the architect, property-developer, land-owner or state would have us believe. We are still able – briefly and increasingly illegally – to appropriate these spaces, to ‘misuse’ them, and, for a moment, transgress their interdictions, opening the place they legislate to other readings. Geopoetry is one way of doing this.

No. 67, Geopoetry: Greenwich Peninsula (February 2014)

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Table of contents

01.          Prologue: Greenwich Meridian


02.          Game 1: Traffic Island

03.          Game 2: The River Gardens

04.          Game 3: Piper’s Wharf

05.          Game 4: Central Park

06.          Game 5: Mitre’s Passage


07.          Game 1: Ravensbourne College

08.          Game 2: The O2 Arena

09.          Game 3: Greenwich Peninsula

10.          Game 4: Peninsula Square

11.          Game 5: Peninsula Quays


12.          Game 1: Thames Path

13.          Game 2: Ordnance Crescent

14.          Game 3: Morden Wharf

15.          Game 4: Victoria Deep Water Terminal

16.          Game 5: Blackwall Tunnel

This text, with the accompanying images projected, was performed at the conference on ‘The Mediated City’ held at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Greenwich Peninsula, between 1-3 April, 2014. The performance was given on Wednesday, the 2nd of April. The following day, Thursday the 3rd of April, the Geopoetry Reading it introduced was conducted around Greenwich Peninsula. The main contents of this reading can be found in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, no. 68-69 (March-April, 2014).

No. 66, Visions of Albion II (December 2013-January 2014)

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Table of Contents

01.          Dove Beauty Cream Bar

02.          Junk Mail

03.          Wimbledon

04.          Menu du Jour

05.          Berlin Joke

06.          Beaufort Scale

07.          Minimum Fish Sizes

08.          Burger King

09.          Lowry and the Poetry of Modern Life

10.          Private Property

11.          PaddingtonCentral

12.          Rotherhithe Tunnel

13.          Looking After Our World

14.          Mourning of Forgetting

15.          Cley Marshes

16.          Everyone

17.          Midwinter Spring

18.          Subject Assessment

N.B. This information is provided to assist the public, and is not a full or definitive statement of poetics. For the latter purpose, reference must be made to the relevant European Commission legislation, UK Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and local poetry bylaws, which may be amended from time to time.

No. 66, Visions of Albion I (December 2013-January 2014)

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Table of Contents

01.          HOW THE DEAD LIVE

No 13. Douglas Allen Estate Agents

No 23. Ladbrokes

No 25. Vacant Lot

No 67. Quicksilver

No 73. Sajid Cash & Carry (Lebara Mobile)

No 75. Mybond Pawnbrokers

Gillett Street

John Campbell Road

02.          Spring

03.          Libidinal Economies

04.          Summer

05.          Be Intoxicated

06.          Event Horizon

07.          An Introduction to Class

08.          Croham Hurst to Epping Forest

09.          Carn Menyn

10.          Have You Seen This Man?

11.          Waste Fox

12.          Cave of Dreams

13.          New Year

I was described today as ‘ready to work’, like something off a clothes rail. Actually, in the newspeak of our Orwellian times, I was called ‘workready’. But in truth I’ve never been less ready to work. On the contrary, I’m ready to live. And you, who complain so loudly and incessantly about having to support those who do not work, ask yourselves who supports you. Yourself? And who else? Who starves so you can eat so well and with such wonderful variety? Who and what is it that you support? If you think a life without work is easy, you try it. If the work you do is so very hard, stop doing it. Trust me, you’d be lost. If you think work is hard, you should try living. But are you ready to? By the look of you I doubt it. All I see around me are the corpses of the dead. My legs are tired from stepping over them. No, I think it better, after all, that you keep on working. If you take my advice, leave living to the living, and let the dead keep on working.