No. 78, Visions of Albion V (January, 2015)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 78, Visions of Albion V)

Table of Contents:

01.        White Fang

02.        Gossip 

03.        A Vision

04.        Focus E15 Mothers

05.        The Pizza in your Head

06.        Chat Up

07.        Remembrance Day

08.        Immigration Wars

09.        The Cellar

10.        Madness

11.        O City City

12.        The Ghost of Christmas to Come

13.        The Stranger

It’s for nights like these that I live in this city, and why, against the best efforts of the home counties bumpkins who have seized control of it, understand nothing about it, are slowly destroying it, and are doing their best to evict me and people like me from it, I will not leave the city of my birth, the city where I was born and raised, and where I live, still, like a foreigner in a strange land.


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