No. 73, Gaza Funeral (August 2014)

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Lists of Images:

01.         Gaza Funeral #1: Mohammad, Ismail, Zakariya and Ahed Bakr

02.         Gaza Funeral #2: Marwan Sleem

03.         Gaza Funeral #3: Hoda Shalof

04.         Gaza Funeral #4: Hasan Baker

05.         Gaza Funeral #5: Wadah El Batesh

06.         Gaza Funeral #6: Salem Shammaly

07.         Gaza Funeral #7: Abu Muamar family

08.         Gaza Funeral #8: Khalid Jarour

09.         Gaza Funeral #9: Bakr family

10.         Gaza Funeral #10: Ibrahim Hasouh
Gaza Funeral001Gaza Funeral002Gaza Funeral003Gaza Funeral004Gaza Funeral005Gaza Funeral006Gaza Funeral007Gaza Funeral008Gaza Funeral009Gaza Funeral010


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