No. 70, Godstone (May 2014)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 70, Godstone)

Table of Contents:

01.       The Dead Badger

02.       The Forest

03.       The Road

04.       The Walk

05.       The Body

06.       The Head

07.       The Burial

08.       The Flesh

09.       The Skull

I      The Invader

II     The Driver

III    The Walker

10.       Portrait of the Poet

I began to think about what this stuff was that I was throwing into a plastic bag like dainty morsels for a cat; what kinetic intelligence it contained and conveyed through its dark and fleshy matter; and how strange it was to be holding the stuff of a once living, moving, conscious being in my hand. What genius did I hold between my thumb and forefinger that could equal anything built by the diggers of London’s sewers, the miners of Blaenavon or the builders of Stonehenge? What secret animal knowledge was I throwing away in these bloody balls of flesh I scooped from cavity, scraped from tendon? What sensory perception of the world, ten – a hundred – times superior to ours, was once contained within this bloody mess I was pulling away from its now broken architecture?


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