No. 66, Visions of Albion I (December 2013-January 2014)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 66, Visions of Albion I)

Table of Contents

01.          HOW THE DEAD LIVE

No 13. Douglas Allen Estate Agents

No 23. Ladbrokes

No 25. Vacant Lot

No 67. Quicksilver

No 73. Sajid Cash & Carry (Lebara Mobile)

No 75. Mybond Pawnbrokers

Gillett Street

John Campbell Road

02.          Spring

03.          Libidinal Economies

04.          Summer

05.          Be Intoxicated

06.          Event Horizon

07.          An Introduction to Class

08.          Croham Hurst to Epping Forest

09.          Carn Menyn

10.          Have You Seen This Man?

11.          Waste Fox

12.          Cave of Dreams

13.          New Year

I was described today as ‘ready to work’, like something off a clothes rail. Actually, in the newspeak of our Orwellian times, I was called ‘workready’. But in truth I’ve never been less ready to work. On the contrary, I’m ready to live. And you, who complain so loudly and incessantly about having to support those who do not work, ask yourselves who supports you. Yourself? And who else? Who starves so you can eat so well and with such wonderful variety? Who and what is it that you support? If you think a life without work is easy, you try it. If the work you do is so very hard, stop doing it. Trust me, you’d be lost. If you think work is hard, you should try living. But are you ready to? By the look of you I doubt it. All I see around me are the corpses of the dead. My legs are tired from stepping over them. No, I think it better, after all, that you keep on working. If you take my advice, leave living to the living, and let the dead keep on working.


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