No. 61, Chuangmei (June 2013)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 61, Chuangmei)

Table of Contents

  1.           Exhibition Photograph

  2.           Logo

  3.           The Concerns of a Factory Worker

  4.           ZF-T2/100

  5.           Vibrator

  6.           Portrait of a Chinese Woman in a State of Labour

  7.           Exploded Axonometric Diagram

  8.           Structure

  9.           Item Specifics

10.           Product Description

11.           Operating Instructions

12.           Workshop

13.           Testing Room

14.           Machine Turn Quickly

15.           Commercial Invoice

16.           Order Details

17.           Guarantee Sheet

18.           Verification of Compliance

19.           Factory

20.           Guarantee of Satisfaction

Anything that dies must have had some kind of purpose in life, some kind of activity that has now worn itself out; but does that apply to Chuangmei? Am I to suppose, then, that she will always be sitting by the front door, dust gathering on her surface, getting under the feet of my colleagues’ children, and their children’s children? As far as one can see she does no harm to anyone; but the idea that she is likely to survive me I find almost painful.


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