No. 60, Already Unread (May 2013)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 60, Already Unread)

Table of Contents

  1.           20 Questions

  2.           Old Street

  3.           Large Hadron Collider

  4.           M3

  5.           Kingsland High Street (w.)

  6.           88 Billionaires

  7.           I–Test

  8.           Australian Open

  9.           100 Economies

10.            London Whale

11.            Work Programme

12.            Resolution

13.            MSN


 I call these verses poems because of their shape and pitch, which is short and sharp, and because much of their meaning comes from claiming them as such. Their intention is to reveal the relations of power contained within the instances of the already unread: in their modes of address, in the positions they compel us to adopt as readers, in the normative readings they encourage us to repeat. By the simple act of rearranging their contents into verse, they draw attention to what is at stake in the seeming neutrality of their discourse by reciting, laboriously and insistently, what is constantly read, and therefore already read, but because of that always unread.


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