No. 53, Postings: Poetry & Prose, 2011-2012 (October 2012)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 53, Postings)

Table of contents

01.           Place/Space (12/10/12)

02.           Subject to Change (9/10/12)

03.           Genius (5/10/12)

04.           Ode to Joy (28/9/12)

05.           The Brand New Testament (17/9/12)

06.           The Nation’s Favourite Poem (14/9/12)

07.           The Poetry of Cheese (15/8/12)

08.           A Day in the Life (27/6/12)

09.           Festival Hall (26/4/12)

10.           Public Transport (24/4/12)

11.           Your Picture Here (23/3/12)

12.           Invitation to a Reading (1/3/12)

13.           Alice in Fetishland (20/2/12)

14.           Man Shot in Cheek on London Street (16/2/12)

15.           Bibliophilia (13/12/11)

16.           Always Good To Stay In Line (8/12/11)

17.           Directions (24/11/11)

18.           The Ritual (22/11/11)

19.           English Civil War (9/11/11)

20.           Ah (20/10/11)

21.           Sonnet for Mark Malinowski (7/10/11 & 18/10/12)

22.           The Total Woman (14 & 17/9/11)

23.           Tension (11/1/11)

24.           Note

In London we are coming to the end of an extraordinary two years in which the crowds who made 2011 the year of dissent, occupation and rioting have been replaced by the passive, consuming, celebrating masses of 2012, the year of the Queen’s Jubilee, the European Football Cup and the Olympic Games. The same streets, cordoned off by the same police armed with the same weapons, have been subjected to a spectacular appropriation by an unaccountable alliance between the national government and international business. The streets that last year saw spending cuts, social unrest and political demonstrations, this year have been the site of enforced public expenditure, manufactured sporting success and organised national celebrations. The illusion is total, the spectacle complete. It is through this period of overt social engineering, of which Facebook has been one of the key instruments, that these pieces have been posted, so to speak, from behind enemy lines.


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