No. 52, The Fountain (September 2012)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 52, The Fountain)

Table of Contents:


1.           Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus (1923)


2.           Balthus, Thérèse (1938)

3.           Scene I         A Picture

4.           Scene II       The Orgy

5.           Scene III      Laughter

6.           Scene IV      The Burial


7.           Scene I        The Fountain

8.           Scene II       Stories  i) Dinner  ii) Park  iii) Pub  iv) Taxi  v) Train


9.           Scene I         Laughter

10.         Scene II       The Rape

11.         Scene III      A Love Letter


12.          The Lesson of the Toad

The erotic is that place where the ridiculous is suspended under the consensus of a shared lust; of an agreement, which is not consciously made but which overwhelms you, to submit to the imperative of desire; to weave its scenes, its imaginings and its spoken exchanges, into a narrative, a fantasy, a play in which you are, simultaneously, playwright, stage-designer, director and actor, and which is played out across each other’s flesh. This is the real theatre. All these stories are made up. They were made up by the people in them. Then I wrote them down. Some were acted out, some exist only as stories.


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