No. 49, The Summer Solstice (June 2012)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 49, The Summer Solstice)

Table of Contents

  1.           Itinerary

                I.              THE APPROACH (12.00-2.00am)

  2.           Memorial (Berry, Sabbaths, 1985)

  3.           King’s Sacrifice (Lawrence, Under the Oak, 1916)

  4.           Witch’s Dance (Auden, Death’s Echo, 1936)

                II.             PREPARING THE VICTIM (2.00-4.00am)

  5.           Magician’s Spell (Crowley, Aha!, 1919)

                III.            THE ENTRY (4.00-4.30am)

                IV.            THE SACRIFICE (4.30-5.00am)

  6.           Solar Meditation

  7.           Terrestrial Meditation

  8.           Lunar Meditation

  9.           Celestial Meditation

10.           Priest’s Communion

 ‘Religion is this long effort and this anguished quest: it is always a question of tearing oneself away from the real order, from the poverty of things, and of restoring the divine order. The animal or plant which man uses (as if they had value only for him and none for themselves) is restored to the truth of the intimate world: he receives from it a sacred communication which restores him, in his turn, to an inner freedom.’

– Georges Bataille


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