No. 47, The Community of Readers (April 2012)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 47, The Community of Readers)

Table of Contents

  1.           Goya, Reading (1820-23)

  2.           Hughes, Letter to Sylvia Plath (1956)

  3.           Elmer, The Community of Readers

  4.           SERIES ONE (2008-2009)

  5.           The Berlin Painter, Bard with kithara (c. 490 B.C.)

  6.           SERIES TWO (2009)

  7.           Monastery of Saint Colm Cille, The Book of Kells (c. 810)

  8.           SERIES THREE (2010)

  9.           Clausen, Reading Wycliffe’s Bible (1925-27)

10.           SERIES FOUR (2011)

11.           Cassatt, Reading ‘Le Figaro’ (1878)

12.           SERIES FIVE (2012)

13.           Janco, Cabaret Voltaire (1916)

14.           AUTHOR INDEX

15.           Rembrandt, Saint Matthew inspired by an Angel (1661)

16.           CONTRIBUTORS

Community, contrary to what we are told, is not our inherited relationship to the social fabric into which we are born – to family, class, gender, race, religion or nationality – but an elective participation in the creative activity by which that social fabric, and our allotted place in it, is unravelled and new relationships imagined and formed. Reading, which is the always collective act from which the text is woven, is emblematic of this act of imagining; reading aloud the occasion for the formation of that which, however fleetingly, emerges from it: – the community of readers.


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