No. 41, Merz (October 2011)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 41, Merz)

Table of Contents

  1.           Schwitters reciting his Ursonata, London (1944)

  2.           Schwitters, Sonata in Ursounds (1927)

  3.           Hausmann, fmsbwtözäu (1918)

  4.           Schwitters, Ursonata, Prelude (1922-32)

  5.           Schwitters, ABCD (1923)

  6.           Schwitters, Ursonata, First movement: Rondo (1922-32)

  7.           Schwitters, Merz 601 (1923)

  8.           Schwitters, Ursonata, Second Movement: Largo (1922-32)

  9.           Schwitters, Merz Construction (1923)

10.           Schwitters, Ursonata, Third Movement: Scherzo (1922-32)

11.           Schwitters, Merz 1924, 1 (1924)

12.           Schwitters, Ursonata, Fourth Movement: Presto

13.           Schwitters, Merz, Elikan (1925)

14.           Schwitters: Ursonata, Cadenza (1922-32)

16.           Schwitters, Merz, Oorlog (1930)

16.           Schwitters, Ursonata, Finale (1922-32)

17.           Schwitters and Van Doesburg, Kleine Dada Soirée (1923)

18.           Note

The use of ordinary script with the letters of the old Roman alphabet can only give a very partial suggestion of the performed Sonata. As is the case with any system of notation, many interpretations are possible. And as with any act of reading, imagination is required to read correctly. The reader himself has to work seriously if he wishes to become a genuine reader. It is work, rather than questions or mindless criticism, that improves the reader’s receptivity. The right to criticize is reserved for those who have understood everything.

– Kurt Schwitters


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