No. 38, Bog Poems (July 2011)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 38, Bog Poems)

Table of Contents

01.     Grauballe bog, Jutland

02.     Tacitus, Germania (c. 98 A.D.)

  I.     BOGLANDS (1969/1972)

03.     The Tollund man (c. 400 B.C.)

04.     Heaney, Bogland (1969)

05.     Heaney, The Tollund Man (1972)

06.     Heaney, Nerthus (1972)

 II.     BOG POEMS (1975)

07.     First photograph of a Danish bog man (1892)

08.     Heaney, Bone Dreams (1975)

09.     Haraldskjaer bog, Jutland

10.     Heaney, Come to the Bower (1975)

11.     Heaney, Bog Queen (1975)

12.     Head of the Windeby girl (c. 100 A.D.)

13.     Heaney, Punishment (1975)

14.     Hand of the Grauballe man (c. 290 B.C.)

15.     Heaney, The Grauballe Man (1975)

16.     Head of the Roum girl (c. 400 B.C.)

17.     Heaney, Tête Coupée (1975)

18.     Huldre bog, Jutland

19.     Heaney, Kinship (1975)

20.     Chariot in Rappendam Fen (c. 100 A.D.)

21.     Heaney, Belderg (1975)

III.     RETURN TO TOLLUND (1996/2006)

22.     Path to Tollund bog, Jutland

23.     Heaney, Tollund (1996)

24.     Head of the Tollund man (c. 400 B.C.)

25.     Heaney, The Tollund Man in Springtime (2006)

26.     Note

27.     The goddess Nerthus (500-350 B.C.)

28.     The Broddenbjerg god (500-350 B.C.)

One can see in this Iron-age festival the sovereignty for which both Irish political struggle and Heaney’s own labour as a poet aimed. If his response to the plea that did not stifle its rage was to offer emblems of its adversity, their goal is a similar cessation of hostilities and the restoration of a unified and independent Ireland under the guardianship of the goddess. The ‘springtime’ of the Tollund man to which Heaney refers in the last of his bog poems is the time in which the body of the victim, containing its last meal of grain and seeds, would germinate in the bog, thereby renewing the cycle of life for the community. Poetry is that festival, and its celebration here looks forward to the Irish Spring.


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