No. 36, End Times (March 2011)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 36, End Times)

Table of Contents

01.     Kate Tempest performing (2009)

02.     Tempest, End Times (2009)

03.     Tempest, Cannibal Kids (2009)

04.     Tempest, Revelation (2009)

05.     Tempest, Best Intentions (2009)

06.     Tempest, Give (2011)

07.     Tempest, Renegade (2011)

08.     Tempest, Hell is Empty (2011)

09.     Tempest, Line in the Sand (2011)

10.     Note

Poetry, real poetry, doesn’t need silence in order to be heard, a clear page on which to be written, a comfortable seat and a willing audience to listen. Poetry contains all the conditions of its hearing within itself, its own space and the warmth to heat it. You don’t need a chair when the words lift you off your feet, a call for silence when you can hear a pin drop, or the willingness to listen when your ear has become that of the crowd, when the words catch fire on the breath of the speaker, and in a transmutation of matter into spirit, the sounds with which we communicate our most mundane needs to each other burst, instead, into tongues of fire, leaping from the quiet air and setting it aflame with words branded in your memory, locked in your heart, that you carry about with you and reach for when groping in the dark.


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