No. 33, The Ritual (December 2010)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 33, The Ritual)

Table of Contents

  1.     Berry, Sabbaths (1987)

  2.     Itinerary

  I.     THE APPROACH (11.00-12.00pm)

  3.     Oak tree, Magpie Hill

  4.     Connaught Water

  5.     Oak tree, Long Hills

  6.     Horse Ride, Long Hills

 II.     THE ENTRY (12.00-1.00pm)

  7.     Witch’s Seat, ascent to Loughton Camp

  8.     Beech coppice, Loughton Camp

  9.     Beech pollard and holly bush, Loughton Camp

10.     Birch sapling, Loughton Camp

III.     PREPARING THE VICTIM (1.00-3.00pm)

11.     Dead hornbeam, Monk Wood

12.     Birch copse, Monk Wood

13.     Fallen oak branch, Monk Wood

14.     Chopping the Yule log, Monk Wood

IV.     THE SACRIFICE (3.00-4.00pm)

15.     Yule log dressed in holly, Loughton Camp

16.     Chopping firewood, Loughton Camp

17.     Solstice fire, Loughton Camp

18.     Solstice sunset, Loughton Camp

19.     Lawrence, Under the Oak (1916)

20.     Notes

Rituals may be repeated over the period of a day (morning ablutions), week (observation of the sabbath), month (interdictions on menstruation), year (religious festivals), or lifetime (rites of birth, adulthood, marriage and death). The greater the cycle – the more time accumulated between each ritual enactment – the more powerful is the energy released: for profane time stands in relation to ritual time as the production of surplus to its consumption, the accumulation of resources to their expenditure, the time of labour to the time of the festival, the cares of the future to the immediacy of the present.


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