No. 30, Four Quartets (September 2010)

Please click on link to download the issue (No. 30, Four Quartets)

Table of Contents

01.     St. Paul’s Cathedral, London (December 1940)

02.     Note, Four Quartets (1943)

03.     Burnt Norton Manor, Gloucestershire

04.     Eliot, Burnt Norton (1935)

05.     St. Michael’s Church, East Coker, Somerset

06.     Eliot, East Coker (1940)

07.     The Dry Salvages, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

08.     Eliot, The Dry Salvages (1941)

09.     St. John’s Church, Little Gidding, Cambridgeshire

10.     Eliot, Little Gidding (1942)

If Eliot, who drew so much of his poetics from Dante, saw the absence of God in Prufrock (1917), The Waste Land (1922) and The Hollow Men (1925) as his Inferno, and Ash Wednesday (1930), published three years after his conversion to Anglicanism, as his Purgatorio, then Four Quartets (1943), written in the refining fire of the Blitz, was the dance before God of his Paradiso.


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