Special edition, The Libertines (July 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (Special edition, The Libertines)


01.   Doherty/Barât, What a Waster (2002)

02.   Doherty/Barât, Up the Bracket (September 2002)

03.   Doherty/Barât, Up the Bracket (October 2002)

04.   Doherty/Barât, Time for Heroes (2003)

05.   Doherty/Barât, Don’t Look Back into the Sun (2003)

06.   Doherty/Barât, Can’t Stand Me Now (2004)

07.   Doherty/Barât, The Libertines (2004)

08.   Doherty/Barât, What Became of the Likely Lads (2004)

09.   Sade, La Philosophie dans le boudoir (1795)

10.   Discography

‘Voluptuaries of all ages, of every sex, to you alone do I offer this work: nourish yourselves upon its principles they favour your passions, and these passions, which cold and insipid moralists have put you in fear of, are merely the means employed by nature to bring man onto the path she prescribes for him; listen only to these delicious passions, for only their voice can lead you to happiness.’

– Marquis de Sade


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