No. 6, Ecstasy (June 2008)

This issue comprised a music CD with accompanying booklet. Please click the link to download the booklet (No. 6, Ecstasy)

Table of contents

01.   The Kleophrades painter, Dionysus with maenads (500-490 B.C.)

02.   Orphic Poet, Hymns to Dionysus (c. 300-100 B.C.)

03.   Kraftwerk, Computer Love (1981)

04.   Oribital, Halcyon + On + On (1993)

05.   Energy 52, Café del Mar (1993/98)

06.   Goldie, Sensual (1995)

07.   Optical, To Shape the Future (1998)

08.   Hawtin, The Tunnel (2005)

09.   Loco Dice, Seeing Through Shadows (2006)

10.   Underworld, Beautiful Burnout (2007)

11.   Schnauss, Monday – Paracetamol (2003)

12.   Elmer, Clubbing Manifesto (2005)

The object of this experience is neither a god nor what resembles one, but the sacred moment of abandon in which everything that divides us from each other dissolves in ecstasy, access to which is neither an act of deliberation nor the object of a pursuit, but a moment of grace that falls upon one in the depths of the night: this is its condition and its magic.


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