No. 25, A Season in Hell (April 2010)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 25, A Season in Hell)

Table of contents

01.   Carjat, Portrait de Rimbaud (1870)

02.   Rimbaud, Introduction (August 1873)

03.   Rimbaud, Mauvais sang (April-May 1873)

04.   Rimbaud, Nuit de l’Enfer (May 1873)

05.   Rimbaud, Délires I: Vierge Folle (June 1873)

06.   Rimbaud, Délires II: Alchimie du verbe (June 1873)

07.   Rimbaud, L’Impossible (August 1873)

08.   Rimbaud, L’Eclair (August 1873)

09.   Rimbaud, Matin (August 1873)

10.   Rimbaud, Adieu (August 1873)

11.   Rimbaud, Une saison en enfer (October 1873)

12.   Note

The following month Rimbaud was back in Paris, where he gave a handful of copies to his few remaining friends; but when it became clear that the literary world had no interest either in his book or his genius, he returned to Roche, where the remaining copies, together with his rough drafts, were consigned to the flames. The bulk of the copies, however, remained at the printers, forgotten and undiscovered until 1901, ten years after Rimbaud’s death at the age of thirty-seven.


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