No. 24, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (March 2010)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 24, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)

Table of contents

01.   Blake, The Argument (1790)

02.   Blake, Exposition I (1790)

03.   Blake, The Voice of the Devil (1790)

04.   Blake, Exposition II (1790)

05.   Blake, A Memorable Fancy (1790)

06.   Blake, Proverbs of Hell (1790)

07.   Blake, Exposition III (1790)

08.   Blake, A Memorable Fancy (1790)

09.   Blake, Exposition IV (1790)

10.   Blake, A Memorable Fancy (1790)

11.   Blake, Exposition V (1790)

12.   Blake, A Memorable Fancy (1790)

13.   Blake, Exposition VI (1790)

14.   Blake, A Memorable Fancy (1790)

15.   Blake, A Song of Liberty (1792)

16.   Note

It was at a strict division between heaven and hell that Blake directed his ‘marriage’: affirming, against the conventional moral opposition between good and evil, their meeting as contraries. Swedenborg had identified 1757, the date of Blake’s birth, as the year of the apocalypse; and thirty-three years later, at the same age as the crucified Christ, Blake saw a prophetic similarity between the revolutionary significance of Christ’s sacrifice and the ‘Déclaration des droits de l’homme’ announced by the French Revolution.


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