No. 23, The Labour of Love (February 2010)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 23, The Labour of Love)

Table of contents

1.   Paul the Apostle, Epistle to the Corinthians (c. 55 A.D.)

2.   Shakespeare, Sonnet, no. 116 (1609)

3.   Sade, L’Histoire de Juliette (1797)

4.   Hegel, Theologische Jugendschriften (1797-98)

5.   Brontë, Wuthering Heights (1847)

6.   Baudelaire, Fusées (c. 1857)

7.   Freud, Über die Allgemeinste Erniedrigung des Liebeslebens (1912)

8.   Kafka, Diary (12 February, 1922)

9.   Breton, L’Amour fou (1937)

10.   Bataille, Le Collège de sociologie (1939)

11.   Graves, The White Goddess: A Talk (1957)

12.   Kojève, Hegel, Marx et le christianisme (1946)

13.   Lacan, La Signification du phallus (1958)

14.   Barthes, Fragments d’un discours amoureux (1977)

15.   Hughes, The Offers (1998)

16.   Barnes, A History of the World in 10½ Chapters (1989)

17.   Note

Love is perhaps best thought of as the point where other, opposed and incompatible terms, meet in a union as unlikely as it is unsustainable: our desire and disgust for another body, the fire of passion and the warmth of intimacy, an ecstatic delirium and a gnawing anguish, the violence of eroticism and the tenderness of a lover’s tears, the implacable needs of the flesh and the unquenchable longings of the spirit, the certainty of forever and the fleetingness of now what is love if not the tension arising from these incompatibilities, which are those of life itself?


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