No. 22, The Work of Death (January 2010)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 22, The Work of Death)

Table of contents

1.   Cranmer, The Burial of the Dead (1549)

2.   San Juan de la Cruz, Coplas del alma (1577-78)

3.   Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Hamlet (1600)

4.   Hegel, Phänomenologie des Geistes (1807)

5.   Hölderlin, Tod des Empedokles (1800)

6.   Clare, I Am (1844-45)

7.   Baudelaire, N’importe où hors du monde (1867)

8.   Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra (1883)

9.   Kafka, Diary (October 1921)

10.   Artaud, Sur le Suicide (1925)

11.   Heidegger, Sein und Zeit (1927)

12.   Bataille, Journal (1939)

13.   Eliot, Little Gidding (1942)

14.   Blanchot, La Littérature et le droit à la mort (1948)

15.   Levi, Si questo è un uomo (1947)

16.   Nancy, La communauté désoeuvrée (1983)

17.   Hughes, Examination at the Womb Door (1970)

18.   Note

It was in his knowledge of death that man first opened the sphere of the world to a beyond by which he felt threatened, and which he sought to contain and perhaps to appease by the earliest forms of funeral rites. Thus, where previous hominids, in common with other animals, remained caught in the loop of nature – and were, therefore, as it were, rigorously atheist man is fundamentally religious.


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