No. 21, The Winter Solstice (December 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 21, The Winter Solstice)

Table of contents

01.   Neolithic Man, Winter Festival (c. 4000-3000 B.C.)

02.   Graves, The White Goddess (1948)

03.   Directions

04.   Communion

05.   Forest canopy, Loughton Camp

06.   Crowley, Aha! (1919)

07.   Lightning-struck beech tree, Loughton Camp

08.   Graves, To Juan at the Winter Solstice (1945)

09.   Yule log, Loughton Camp

10.   Auden, Death’s Echo (1936)

11.   Birch sapling, Loughton Camp

12.   Note

Just as the life of the deciduous oak, during the barren winter months, was held to reside in the evergreen mistletoe that grew from its trunk, so the life of the sun, during the days of its death, was contained in the Yule log until the sun was reborn for another year, and once again began its year-long journey across the heavens. The Yule log, therefore, is both the embodiment of the sun and the spirit of vegetation, and its sacrifice the ritual act that renews the cycle of life for the community.


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