No. 20, The Waste Land (November 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 20, The Waste Land)

Table of contents

1.   Wren, Saint Magnus Martyr (1676)

2.   Eliot, I. The Burial of the Dead (1922)

3.   Eliot, II. A Game of Chess (1922)

4.   Eliot, III. The Fire Sermon (1922)

5.   Eliot, IV. Death by Water (1922)

6.   Eliot, V. What the Thunder Said (1922)

7.   Rennie, London Bridge (1831)

‘Mrs Susanna Chambers by her last will & testament bearing date 28th December 1640 gave the sum of Twenty-Two shillings and sixpence yearly for a Sermon to be preached on the 12th day of February in every Year within the Church of St. Magnus, in commemoration of God’s merciful preservation of the said Church of St. Magnus from Ruin by the late & terrible Fire on London Bridge.’

– Church of Saint Magnus Martyr


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