No. 2, Notes to Poetry (February 2008)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 2, Notes to Poetry)

Table of contents

01.   Blake, All Religions Are One (1788)

02.   Hegel, Vorlesungen über die Ästhetik (1823-29)

03.   Nerval, El Desdichado (1854)

04.   Poe, The Poetic Principle (1850)

05.   Baudelaire, À une Heure du matin (1862)

06.   Mallarmé, Letter to Henri Cazalis (May 1867)

07.   Lautréamont, Les Chants de Maldoror (1869)

08.   Rimbaud, Letter to Paul Demeny (May 1871)

09.   Rilke, Die sonette an Orpheus (1923)

10.   Kafka, Diary (September 1912)

11.   Breton, Introduction au discours sur le peu de réalité (1925)

12.   Miller, The Time of the Assassins (1946)

13.   Graves, The White Goddess (1948)

14.   Bataille, L’Impossible (1962)

15.   Note

Art, when it is poetry, is not the prerogative of the professional but the heir to sovereignty, which it is incumbent upon us to reclaim, not in the production of a work but in the creation of community, here and now, in the dance of the present, and every day, without nostalgia for the past or hope in the future.


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