No. 19, Mystical Experience (October 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 19, Mystical Experience)

Table of contents

01.   The Buddha, Ādittapariyāya Sutta (c. 400 B.C.)

02.   Pseudo Dionysius, Theologia Mystica (475-525)

03.   Blessed Angela of Foligno, Memoriale (1292-1296)

04.   Bernini, L’Estasi di Santa Térésa d’Ávila (1645-52)

05.   Saint Teresa of Ávila, El Libro de la Vida (1557-1565)

06.   San Juan de la Cruz, Visión de Cristo Crucificó (1574-77)

07.   San Juan de la Cruz, Un éxtasis de harta contemplación (1577-78)

08.   Blake, The Ancient of Days (1794)

09.   Blake, Auguries of Innocence (1803)

10.   Brontë, The Prisoner (1845)

11.   Nerval, Letter to Victor Loubens (1841)

12.   Nietzsche, Ecce Homo (1888)

13.   Régnard, Extase avec attitude de crucifixion (c. 1896)

14.   Madeleine, Journal (1896-1904)

15.   Crowley, The Magician in his robe (1929)

16.   Crowley, Aha! (1919)

17.   Eliot, East Coker (1940)

18.   Huxley, The Doors of Perception (1954)

19.   Bataille, La Souveraineté (1954)

20.   Note

Whether it is the epiphany of a forest walk, the visions accompanying altered states of consciousness, the intoxication and ecstasy of dancing, a sublime sentiment of the divine essence, or a drug-induced descent to the edge of consciousness, all mystical experience has a common origin in that instant in which the symbolic sphere in which we live out our imaginary relation to the world is shattered, and the muteness of a suddenly alien reality flows into the bowl of consciousness, flooding it.


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