No. 18, Madame Edwarda (September 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 18, Madame Edwarda)

Table of contents

1.   Bataille, Préface de Madame Edwarda (1956)

2.   Bellmer, Madame Edwarda (1966)

3.   Bataille, Madame Edwarda (1941)

4.   Bellmer, Madame Edwarda (1966)

5.   Atget, Porte Saint-Denis (c. 1920)

6.   Note

‘If you’re afraid of everything, read this book but listen to me first: if you laugh, it’s because you are afraid. A book, you think, is something inert. That’s possible. And yet what if, as is the case, you do not know how to read? Would you begin to doubt . . . ? Are you alone? Do you shake with the cold? Do you know to what point man is ‘yourself’? A fool and naked?’

– Georges Bataille


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