No. 13, The Apprentice Sorcerer (February 2009)

Please click the link to download the issue (No. 13, The Apprentice Sorcerer)

Table of contents

1.   Final letter

2.   Chronology

3.   Cro-Magnon Man, The Sorcerer (c. 13,000 B.C.)

Is it not indicative of just how far we have strayed from an existence worthy of our genius that the man who represents the model of modern citizenship the aptly named ‘businessman’ will happily relate the most contemptuous details of his business, and proudly exhibit, like some idiot child, the rewards for his servility, while another, in order to earn the eternal contempt of his peers, has only to confess an interest in, never mind a commitment to, those values of poetry, beauty and community without which human life is little more than the brawling of dogs for scraps from their master’s table?


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